One thing is certain: in today’s hyperconnected business ecosystem, every modern company needs an IT department. However, having an in-house one may not be feasible for all firms due to financial considerations (and not only).

Especially if you are an SMB, you should consider the more financially convenient option to outsource your tech division and redirect the resources to your core offerings.

If you need a little bit of guidance, today’s article explores the main benefits of outsourcing your IT department to a reliable MSP (Managed Services Provider).

It’s cost-effective

This is perhaps the most potent motivator for companies with limited resources. Sometimes, the expense of expanding the operations in-house can be prohibitive, while working with contractors minimises these costs, allowing your business to get the same quality and amount of work done for less.

When working with an MSP, you can control costs by setting a monthly fee, and cut down on recruitment costs, overhead costs, training costs and salary costs associated with putting together a dedicated IT department.

Additionally, qualified MSPs offer cloud-based services that allow you to rent hardware instead of buying it (such as servers) and have it monitored daily – which lowers your IT investments drastically.

Minimal risk, 24/7 monitoring

If you’re an SME planning to put together an in-house IT department, chances are you won’t be able to afford to hire a whole team of experts, and you can’t rely on one or two people to do the job of an entire department in need of varied skills and expertise. When you outsource your IT department, you gain access to a whole company of highly-trained experts with a broad spectrum of skills, ready to handle any aspect of your IT needs.

Moreover, MSPs keep your IT environment adequately secured and updated by automating the processes with special tools that allow them to monitor your IT environment on a daily basis closely. A specialised contractor is dedicated to foreseeing issues, preventing those issues (or solving them, if that’s the case) and helping you reduce the risk of making a wrong decision due to lack of technical knowledge.

It offers you access to the newest technologies and strategic consulting

Another unparalleled benefit of outsourcing your IT department is that you will gain access to the newest technologies that you may not have considered before. Qualified MSPs bring their know-how and experience to your organisation, saving you research time and money. At the same time, with years of relevant experience gained through working with different companies, a reliable MSP will advise you on your future IT requirements, offering you the strategic consulting and roadmaps which are essential in your company’s growth.

In the age of hyper connectivity, software and hardware provide a gateway to business innovation and competitive advantage.

It provides you with consistent availability

As mentioned above, outsourcing your IT operations and functions is primarily viable and practical if your budget would normally allow you to hire one or two in-house experts. In you rely on regular employees, you’re going to have to take into account special circumstances that may leave your business vulnerable (such as illness, bank holidays, resignation). If you choose to outsource these services, the firm you partner up with will have you covered regardless of circumstances.

It increases productivity and lets you focus on your core business

If your firm activates within a field that has nothing to do with information technology, outsourcing your IT department makes the most sense. By hiring a dedicated company to take care of your tech functions, you redirect your resources to your core activities and business growth. And, of course, a secure and updated IT ecosystem ensures that all aspects of your business run smoothly, ultimately increasing productivity.

Now that you’re familiar with the benefits of outsourcing your IT department, the next essential step is to make sure you choose the right service provider for your company’s needs.

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Ric McCorriston

Managing Director


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