Synergy is aware of a website ( purporting to be affiliated with Art Basel. The site has been constructed using content evidently scraped from the legitimate Art Basel public website, and is marketing digital (NFTs) artworks from Art Basel’s gallery clients, purchased with Ethereum (crypto) currency.

The domain name was first registered on February 22 2023 with the registrar Namecheap.

Synergy contacted Namecheap on March 27 to request a takedown on the grounds of fraudulent misrepresentation and copyright infringement. Disabling the domain name registration will effect a takedown of web and email traffic associated with the domain.

The site’s domain responsible name servers are hosted with Cloudflare. Although disabling Cloudflare’s domain name services will disrupt traffic to the website, it would be possible for the perpetrator to shift to another DNS provider to rapidly resuscitate the site.


For more information read the ARTnews article here.


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Ric McCorriston

Managing Director


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