AI’s Role in IT Services – Our visit to SITS

We had the privilege of attending the Service Desk & IT Support Show (SITS), cohosted with the MSP Show at Excel in London yesterday.

Alongside the opportunities for networking and insightful conversations that we love about these events, the spotlight (unsurprisingly for a tech show) was on the growing significance of artificial intelligence (AI) in the IT Services industry.

The talks we listened to shed light on how AI is gradually becoming an essential part of providing support and security. From simplified chatbots offering immediate assistance to sophisticated algorithms predicting and averting potential security issues.

Alongside some alarming statistics on the increase in cybercrime utilising AI to perform attacks were some demonstrations on the incredible technical advancements in using AI to combat those threats, fighting AI threat with AI defence.

SITS cemented our view that the choice isn’t whether companies should implement AI into their technical stack and business process but how and to what extent.

SITS and the MSP Show Excel

We also attended a talk by MSP marketing consultancy Wingman who had some interesting feedback on our website!


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Ric McCorriston

Managing Director


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